Metlife “Superbowl Anthem”

As stadium host, MetLife was planning to run a commercial just before kickoff. Something that would call attention to the brand and capture the anticipation of the moment. Ari and Clair were given three days to concept, eight weeks for production and thirty seconds to capture America’s hearts. 

The spot was pre-launched on Mashable, where it was shared 92,000 times in under 48 hours. Business Insider called it, “Everything that’s good about America.” Best of all, it scored us game seats.


Face The Music – “I Got This”

In America, countless millions struggle with addiction. Countless millions more struggle to recognize they have a problem. This video was created for those who have suffered from addiction and those who are suffering from addiction. Most of all, it’s for those who want to find a way to help others through this crisis.

Within the first few days of launch, we got this: an article in Billboard, Adweek, Adage, Shots, Shoot and the Fix. The video was a Creativity Editor's Pick and was shared on the Facebook pages of Maroon 5, Flo-Rida, Ink and Richie Sambora. 

Athenahealth “Let Doctors be Doctors”

Healthcare is getting worse by the day. Distractions caused by computer screens, endless regulations and closed networks have made life hard for physicians and hospitals. What’s more, it’s compromised patient care. For athenahealth, the answer wasn’t to promise an easy solution. It was to satirize the problem and in doing so, let physicians know there’s a company that’s got their backs.    

The effort is being heralded as a major leap forward for healthcare advertising. The campaign continues to gain momentum – significantly increasing the company’s organic search results and making the phone ring. A lot.  


Wishclouds “Jane”

“Jane” quickly racked up over 2.5mm views on Youtube, appeared in dozens of ad sites and blogs, including campaign, adage, shots, archive, creativity and best ads on tv. It also earned Ari a place in Shoot’s New Directors Showcase. Maybe there was something right about “Jane”.


Kmart – Adam Levine “222”

Our client wanted to build buzz about Adam’s new fashion collection. Tapping the singer’s already impressive social pipelines, we created a web series. “222: A fashion series from Adam Levine” included experiential events, promotions and behind the scenes stories about the making of the line.

The series generated millions of views and boosted sales through the six month period it was posted. “The Rack” event drew over 250MM impressions. It was featured in major 27 publications including Access Hollywood, People, USA Today, Refinery 29 and LA Times.





Sgt. Sam’s - Funny or Die 

Sometimes, fun ideas just want to get made. That was the case with Sgt. Sam’s. We had the brand. We had the message. We had the audience. What we didn’t have was a real client. But hey, why that stop you from making cool work? 


Recovery Unplugged – Treatment Centers

Music can save your mortal soul. This is the finding of revolutionary new treatment center, Recovery Unplugged. Our job is to build the three-year old drug and alcohol rehab facility into a national chain capable of saving thousands of lives each year.


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