They grow up so fast

The world is full of great products, tools and services, yet not nearly as many great brands. Why? Because brand marketing can be elusive, expensive and, let’s face it, pretty hard to do. What’s important is finding a creative partner who knows how to get it right. For over two decades, our team members have helped grow some of the world’s most iconic brands – shepherding them through every cultural shift, whether stylistic, psychological or technological. Here are some recent examples of brands we’ve been helping to shape and grow. Contact us



Good for me. Good for we.

New studies show that introducing your baby to peanuts at an early age can help reduce the risk of peanut allergies by as much as 80%. We worked with parent non-profit Edesia Nutrition, to develop the name and packaging. We then designed and developed the e-commerce web site, built the trade booth, digital marketing assets, Amazon imagery and promotional materials. All in record time. Launched March 15th 2019, MeWe has already secured major retail distribution. See the website



Down with puffy down

Building a universally recognized brand.

Thin is in and the demand for down has never been greater. Yet the process of using down is just as complicated as it ever was. Thindown represented a new path forward. Advanced. Efficient. East to use. A chance to make down as form-fitting as nature intended. It was time to put the age-old inefficiencies to rest and create a better way to use down. We introduced the world’s first down fabric.






Righting the wrongs of healthcare technology

It’s been a long decade for healthcare. The technology that once promised to simplify patient care has brought more issues than anyone anticipated. More compliance. More regulations. More distraction. Innovaccer knew there was only one way to defeat the beast. By making full use of all the data providers have worked so hard to collect. It was time to user in a new era for health tech. Out with the old. In with Innovaccer. See the website here.

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The world’s first fully music based treatment centers

Music can save your mortal soul. This is the finding of revolutionary new treatment center, Recovery Unplugged. Our job is to build this revolutionary drug and alcohol rehab facility into a national chain capable of saving thousands of lives each year. For us, that began with a clear, focused message designed to connect with our audience. After all, there are songs that open your heart. Lyrics that give you courage. Melodies that inspire. Fact is, there’s no greater tool than music to trigger self-awareness and shape new behaviors. Recovery Unplugged uses the power of music to steer clients away from a life of addiction and give them the fuel they need to follow a path to sustainable recovery. When your disease is life or death, there’s one question that matters: what track are you on?

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Rescuing your memories

The only home device that retrieves files from a dead PC

Computers aren’t designed to last forever. First, they slow down and eventually, Windows® won’t even start. The next thing you know, you’re locked out of your files. Data recovery services can cost hundreds of dollars – forcing you to trust unknown technicians with your private passwords, photos, videos and documents. Isn’t it time for an easier, safer, more affordable solution to come to the rescue?

ResQstick lets you in when Windows shuts you out. Even if your computer hasn’t started in years, ResQstick recovers the photos, videos, music and memories you thought were lost forever. Just plug it into a USB port and power on your PC. ResQstick automatically finds your lost files and uploads them to the location of your choice: an external USB drive or directly into the Dropbox cloud.




Recruiting via AI

Job seeking for a new generation

For Workey, the revolutionary AI that determines your career potential, we developed the messaging platform, logo and brand identity that helped Workey to a successful beta launch in the U.S. and 8M in series A funding. The company has recently rebranded and we‘re proud to have helped them with that one too. The name has since been changed, but Workey was fun while it lasted.


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