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Who works with us?


There’s nothing we love more than turning ideas into brands at the earliest stages of development.


Wanna swing for the fences? Go big? Be bold? Then step right this way, friend. We’ll get along fine. 


Some of the world’s largest companies turn to us to solve their toughest brand problems, quickly. 


We write. We direct. We produce. Think of us as the Special Ops partner for your next project. 

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“I have never felt my mission and twenty years of work so witnessed and validated.”

Jonathan Bush


“As a client, it’s magic to know Ari is building your brand.”

Alex Bogusky

Co-founder, CP+B


“Awesome. In their first pitch for our business, Ari and team nailed the strategy, the voice and the campaign all in one fell swoop. Never have I seen a presentation so totally on the money.”

Barbara Messing

CMO | Tripadvisor


“Ari's got the rare ability to uncover the essence of a brand and translate it into incredibly smart, iconic work that commands attention. He cares about doing what's best for the client. And does it in a way that few can rival.”

Bob Stohrer

CMO | Canary


“The new way of sourcing creative ideas. Highly collaborative and nimble, Ari rolls up his sleeves and gets into the kitchen with the team. This type of real-time collaboration doesn't just speed up the evolution of ideas, it leads to better ones." 

Lou Arbetter

GM | Pepsico


“Always rooted in brand, Ari and team demonstrated a reassuring, seemingly intuitive understanding of the problem to solve. His company’s process is elegantly spare and refreshingly drama-free. His shop brings both substance and an easy working style.”

Richard D. Hong

VP, Global Marketing | MetLife


“I’ve often referred to Ari as one of the best creatives on the planet. Count on this team for big ideas that capture your brand’s voice. And the occasional game changing viral phenomenon.”

Mark Andeer


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“Ari Merkin is a true disruptive thinker in the best sense. He will help you take your business where you want it to go.”

Jonah Staw

Office of the Chairman | Sears





“Approach advertising with a traditional, run of the mill process and yeah, there’s not much hope for it. But when your advertising is an all out flag-planting declaration of everything that matters to your brand, then it doesn’t just stand a chance, it has potential to change the game and all your marketing efforts working harder for you. Great brand ideas get people to talk, share and engage like nothing else can. Our company motto is “Every brand has a voice.” That’s our way of saying don’t waste the opportunity to be heard. Tell your story. Declare your purpose. Your mission. Your why. Whatever you the hell want to call it for crying out loud, say something.”

Ari Merkin


It took over 20 years to make this two and a half minute video:


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Ari Merkin

by his wife

When Ari was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement, he dedicated his award to me. In fairness, nobody's been watching my husband’s career like I have. I have witnessed the record-breaking award wins, the all-star creative lists and the countless interviews and articles.

Serious or silly, his work always manages to move me. Like his “Body Bags” campaign for ‘Truth’ which left an indelible mark on a generation of teens and was just named one of AdAge’s 15 best of the 21st century. 

The Ikea “Lamp” commercial, which took home the Cannes Grand Prix and Grand Clio. The work he did for the U.S. launches of both the Mini Cooper and Virgin Mobile. And of course, the Elf Yourself phenomenon that resurfaces every winter.

Six years ago, Ari made the decision to stop entering award shows entirely – claiming it had become a big agency’s game. Yet somehow, he still managed to win awards at this year’s One Show and at AICP. Well, that’s Ari.

Looking at his body of work, you might think he is a bit rebellious, and yes, that is partly why I married him. But I think what really drives Ari is his belief that every brand has a voice. And I know he won’t stop working until it’s been found (just ask his friends and family members). It’s the reason why he was named a 40 under 40, why we’ve got cabinets full of awards at home that I refuse to put in storage and why clients repeatedly ask for Ari’s help to solve their toughest brand problems.

It’s no secret that balancing both career and home isn’t always easy for my husband. Which may explain why I’m the one writing his bio.”

– Roneet Merkin

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